Tax bills to be cut by a third in Doncaster

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles
Communities Secretary Eric Pickles

High street shops and pubs in Doncaster are among those who could get a third off their tax bill.

As part of the Government’s long-term economic plan, the biggest package of business rate support in over 20 years to help high streets has now gone live, as announced by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

Many businesses already get 100 per cent discount as a result of Government policy.

The tax changes that came into effect at the start of the new tax year mean more than 20,000 eligible small shops in Yorkshire and the Humber region will benefit further - with 1,150 in Doncaster alone set to reap the rewards.

In addition to the new business rate discounts, specially targeted to support small shops, all businesses can now choose to spread their bill payments over 12 monthly installments rather than ten after rules were changed to give businesses greater control over their cash flow.

Mr Pickles said the new measures would make a huge difference for struggling small shop owners and help businesses and high streets across the country build a stronger economy.

Estimates published for the first time this month reveal where the shops eligible for the new £1,000 retail discount are located.

Mr Pickles said: “A key part of the Government’s long-term economic plan is to back business with lower taxes.

“Small shops are the lifeblood of local economies, and today’s changes will mean a massive boost to our town centres – helping to create more jobs and securing a better future for our children.

“A whole string of changes to business rates kick in today bringing new support to local shops, pubs and firms.

“In some cases shopkeepers could see their bills cut by a third extra or even more, which is worth thousands of pounds in tax breaks.

“Together with our sensible changes to planning rules and action to tackle unfair parking practices, we are helping local communities secure the future of their high streets.”

Peter Holmes, Chair of the Institute of Directors in Yorkshire and the Humber, which represents 1,600 members in the region, said: “The extension of Business Rate Relief is welcome, offering many small businesses, new enterprises, start-ups and therefore employers support as they grow.

“The creative use of support should encourage entrepreneurs to take their first tentative steps.”