PR company on hand with some tips to bounce back

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WITH Britain’s economy just announced as falling deeper than expected into recession in the second quarter of 2012, businesses could be forgiven for thinking that apart from tried and tested advertising, battening down the hatches and weathering the storm, there’s not a lot else they can be doing to address this age of austerity.

A PR company wants to get the word out though that obeying all the rules, could mean missing out on all the fun and all the financial rewards that go along with it - bouncing back really doesn’t have to be as bank busting, or as hard, as businesses think.

Bounce, a public relations company formerly in Epworth and now located in Bawtry, is keen to prove that a little profile building could be all that’s needed to give that bottom line a boost, and help businesses to get ahead.

“So many businesses still don’t know what Public Relations actually is and what exactly it can do for them, so here at Bounce we’ve simplified things with a straightforward guide explaining the nuts and bolts behind it and how it works ,” explains Tori Oldridge, head of Bounce.

“We are encouraging people to think of public relations as an alternative way to boost their business, and to dispel all the myths that are associated with public relations people. No successful business owner would ever dream of neglecting their accounts or the quality of their customer service, and the same rules should apply to promoting themselves,” she continues. “Treating their public relations as a major force of their strategy should be part of any business plan, and the good news is, it’s very cost effective.”

For a free consultation contact Bounce on (01302) 719030, visit or come & see us in person at Yorkshire’s biggest business show, 4 Business Expo, at Doncaster Racecourse on October 18, entry is free.