Paving the way for cleaning careers

A CLEANING company is introducing a new qualification that could lead to jobs and pave the way for career progression.

The MaidVersity qualification has been developed in conjunction with Professor Pat O’Mara, chief accreditation officer from the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences, to encourage more people to consider cleaning as an occupation.

Cleaning NVQs are already in operation but this new exam is the only qualification to specialise in domestic cleaning exclusively according to Peter Sumner, owner of Doncaster-based Maid2Clean.

“We are really excited to be able to reward our career-minded staff with the opportunity to sit this examination,” he commented. “MaidVersity allows our staff to set goals, work hard to achieve them and then to receive the recognition they deserve. This new scheme will allow suitable candidates to progress to management or supervisor level and we hope will also demonstrate to our clients how serious we are about taking care of their homes.”