Northern Powergrid is eye in the sky to ensure electricity grid is efficient

Northern Powergrid logo.
Northern Powergrid logo.

Northern Powergrid is once again taking tot he skies making sure the electricity network is in good working order.

From Monday (June 24) helicopters will be flying over the North East, Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire inspecting overhead lines checking for any damage or deterioration. Over the next three months, 10,000 kilometres of power lines will be checked along with approximately 120,000 support structures.

Northern Powergrid uses helicopters regularly to check the overhead electricity network, and landowners and farmers are being urged to be aware of the inspections due to the potential impact on livestock in fields where the overhead lines cross.

Northern Powergrid’s Network inspections Manager, Gary Bartholomew, said: “We are committed to ensuring our customers have a reliable power supply, so it’s crucial that we carry out regular inspections of our network. We want to detect potential problems before they occur and our engineers are specially trained to spot any issues.

“Our power lines are often located in isolated areas and are subjected to quite a battering during the winter months from snow, rain and high winds. Checking them from the air is by far the best and most efficient way of making sure they’re in good working order. The crew can fly really close to the cable, as well as covering a lot of ground quickly.

“The helicopters will be flying at low level and at speeds of about 30 kilometres an hour, so there will be some engine noise. However, we would like to reassure all farmers and landowners that we’ll take every reasonable measure to prevent disrupting livestock by keeping noise to a minimum and will avoid areas where sensitive livestock are grazing if possible.”

Anyone who would like more information is asked to call the Northern Powergrid contact centre of 08450 707172.