MP calls for action on unemployment in the Dearne

A woman looking into the window of a job centre.
A woman looking into the window of a job centre.

An MP has called on the Government to take urgent action to tackle long-term unemployment in Barnsley.

Michael Dugher, whose constituency of Barnsley East covers Wombwell, Hoyland, Grimethorpe and Darfield, claims Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee would ease the situation, if introduced by this Government.

Although figures out this week show a slight decrease in the overall figures of those claiming Job Seekers Allowance in Barnsley East, nationally unemployment is still on the up, said the MP.

In Barnsley East long-term unemployment has increased 17 per cent in the last year and long term youth unemployment within Barnsley, including the Dearne, has increased by 28 per cent.

Mr Dugher said: “It is incredibly concerning that long term unemployment is up 17 per cent on the year, and long-term youth unemployment is up 28 per cent. “A Jobs Bill should be introduced to bring in Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee to get anyone out of work for more than two years back into a job; a job people must take or lose their benefits. Failure to address this will risk condemning a whole generation to joblessness.”

The total number of people claiming JSA for more than 12 months in Barnsley East was 470 in April 2011, 820 in the same month last year, and 960 in 2013.