Hundreds of NHS workers needed

David Thompson
David Thompson

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to recruit nearly 400 extra health visitors in the region - including dozens in Doncaster.

Posters and postcards featuring health visitors working have been sent out to GP surgeries education establishment and SureStart children’s centres across the borough to inspire qualified nurses and midwives to join the profession.

The move comes after the Coalition Government’s said it would double the number of health visitors across the UK and deliver improved support to children and families at the start of life.

The aim is to create 394 vacancies across Yorkshire and the Humber by 2015 with qualified health professionals also being encouraged to return to the industry.

NHS Doncaster has been selected as one of 20 health trusts selected to spearhead the drive to improve the well-being of families and communities. It is hoped health visitors will play a major role in this.

David Thompson, chief nurse at NHS Yorkshire and the Humber said: “Helping babies and children to start life in a healthy way, and to stay healthy throughout adulthood, is top of our agenda in the NHS.

“We are looking for qualified nurses and midwives who are interested in working with children and families to take up fully-funded training opportunities at a number of universities in the region. We are also hoping to attract former health visitors to take up return-to-practice or refresher courses to bring their skills up-to-date.

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