Decision due on Doncaster Lidl store plan

Lidl is lining up a store in Thorne
Lidl is lining up a store in Thorne

Plans to build a Lidl supermarket in Thorne look set to go ahead despite opposition from the nearby Sainsbury’s.

Doncaster Council’s planning committee meets tomorrow to consider plans

for a site near the now-demolished water tower on Field Road.

Documents due to go before councillors at the meeting reveal rival firm Sainsbury , who have a store on King Street, lodged an objection the scheme.

The rival chain objected because the site had previously been lined up in official planning maps as being used for housing.

But the report states time has moved on and the site has not come forward for development for housing since its allocation in 1998, despite two economic booms as well as a recession and despite having had a planning permission for housing.

It says: “It is not considered that the loss of this land for retail purposes will jeopardise the council’s housing strategy.

“Whilst the site will result in a loss of housing land within a low flood risk area, the proposal will create jobs, enhance the local economy and increase consumer choice within the town. Overall 15 full time and 25 part time jobs are to be created.”

The planned store would have 1,876 square metres of floor space and 97 car parking spaces are proposed.

In all there were four letters of objection send in, highlighting concerns including traffic congestion, which is already an issue in the area, and road safety. There were six letters in favour, with points made including that competition between stores was good for the consumer.

Recommending the scheme gets planning permission, the report states: “It would bring a vacant underused site back into use, offer linked trip opportunities due to its proximity to the Thorne town centre, create new jobs in a deprived area, improve the setting and appearance of the area at a key gateway into the town centre and assist in clawing back trade from out of centre locations.There is an identified need for a new food store in this location. Thorne currently lacks convenience food provision and this scheme would help meet the day to day needs of residents.”

Meanwhile, Lidl have now filed a full planning application to the council for a store in Bentley, which would take the site of the Rostholme Club, which would be demolished as part of the proposals. The application has been validated, so consultation can start.