Dearne foodbanks ‘need support’

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The boss of a food bank has called for more council support for food banks after the closure of the Doncaster West Food bank.

The food bank which distributed food parels at The Place Conisbrough is now closed and there are no plans to replace it.

Managing director of Food Aware, Sean Gibbons, said: “It has been really successful but due to a number of issues with volunteers and a lack of financial support we just haven’t got the resources.

“There is definitely a need in Mexborough and Conisbrough but there doesn’t seem to be a willingness to support what we are doing. In the current climate there is no drive or desire or money to do anything at all. We are making sure we are supporting people who used it regularly, but we can’t take any more referrals on for food at The Place.”

He said the majority of people using the food bank were coming from Mexborough.

There are foodbanks in Balby and Intake, but the cost of public transport would make it uneconomic for users to travel to them.

A Doncaster Council spokesman said:”We have given Food Aware £10,000 already this year and there are no more funds available.

“We have been advising Mr Gibbons of potential avenues for future funding.”