Chamber seeks ‘clarity’ over funding for Doncaster after Brexit

Dan Fell
Dan Fell

Doncaster Chamber is to ask the Government for reassurance that the borough won’t lose out in funding, now Britain has voted to leave the EU.

“Throughout the referendum campaign the Chamber remained neutral, acknowledging that like the public, opinion on this issue was deeply divided amongst the business community. Today’s result will therefore delight some Doncaster businesspeople whilst leaving others disappointed,” says Dan Fell, CEO, Doncaster Chamber.

“However, the British public have spoken and the business community will now unite to call on Government, the Treasury and Bank of England to stabilise markets and to foster a climate of stability and confidence. Businesses will also be reminding government to take very seriously the act of extricating Britain from the EU on the best possible terms, whilst also ensuring that full attention is given to key domestic issues such as: skills, infrastructure investment and devolution.

“Locally, the Chamber – working with local partners – will seek clarity from Government on what this means for Northern economies like Doncaster. Doncaster has benefited significantly from European funding in recent years – including investment in our borough’s infrastructure. We now need certainty that the borough, under new governance and funding arrangements, will not only do as well as it has in recent years – in relation to economic development funding – but that it will fair better. The fact that there was such a split between London and the North when it came to voting patterns, should highlight the need for government to take this issue very seriously and move beyond catch phrases such as the “Northern Powerhouse” to work with the private sector to deliver on wealth and jobs for all parts of the UK.

“That said, for the majority of Doncaster businesses, today will be very much business as usual. Today’s news will bring short term uncertainty; however, the Chamber remains confident that the recent economic growth we have enjoyed in Doncaster will continue apace. Doncaster Chamber will continue to support its members as normal and any firms facing challenges as a direct outcome or anyone with specific concerns about the EU Referendum should contact us.”

Don Valley MP Caroline Flint added: “This is a historic decision. The people have spoken and the Government and major parties must listen. Anyone who thought the Government would not honour the vote have seen today the Prime Minister’s decision to resign.

“The referendum split the country down the middle. But now we need to come together to make the best of this situation for everyone.

As a Doncaster MP, my first concern is to see the Government take every step to minimise any adverse effects on ordinary families. This is an uncertain time for our country. I also want politicians to be more honest and open about the strong feelings in towns like Doncaster – and many places beyond the big cities – about the effects of immigration.

“The Labour Party, from the Leader down, needs to show that we understand the feelings of voters, and we will address them.

“I wrote before this vote that whatever the decision Britain will remain a strong, proud nation. We will. But the months and years ahead will be difficult for the country. And we will have to work together to protect jobs and living standards in Doncaster during that period.”

Doncaster mayor Ros Jones said: “The referendum was democracy in action, with an extremely large turnout as the people of Doncaster expressed their views. The result in Doncaster was not unexpected, and is similar to the results across South Yorkshire. As a borough, we need to continue with the economic regeneration that is proceeding at pace.”