Barnsley training boss on stateside trade mission in Baltimore and Washington

Dr Chris Payne.
Dr Chris Payne.

The boss of a Barnsley-based training and education charity accepted an invitation from the US government to fly stateside and promote the UK apprenticeship model.

Dr Chris Payne, chief executive officer of the ITS Group, joined eight UK-based delegates in Washington DC and Baltimore for a trade mission between October 25 and 28, where they are tasked with selling the benefits of modern UK apprenticeships to hundreds of stateside providers at organised networking events.

Dr Payne is the only Yorkshire delegate who is taking part in the Transatlantic Apprenticeship Exchange Forum, which has been co-ordinated by New Work Training, with the aim of nurturing better links between the UK and US providers.

Dr Payne said he is “delighted to be representing the UK apprenticeship brand” and added that the trip serves as an “opportunity to show our US colleagues the excellent standard and success our modern apprenticeship delivery method brings.”

He added: “What an incredible journey it has been for the ITS Group over the last couple of years; from Barnsley to Baltimore, I hope this will be the start of a special relationship which will benefit our local young people.”

The exchange has been timed to support president Barack Obama’s pledge of almost $200million to extend apprenticeship provision across the USA.