A fascinating hobby helps win by a head

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The biggest date in Doncaster’s social calendar is fast approaching... and the race to be crowned ‘best dressed’ is on.

Finding the perfect dress for the St Leger Festival may be a priority but chances are it’s your choice of headgear that will ensure you really stand out from the crowds.

And while it might be tempting to trot along to the high street to pick up a fascinator, hat, hatinator or headband, opting for a custom made creation will make more of a statement.

So says Vicky Taylor, who has been creating glamorous bespoke designs for the past few years.

And with the Leger fast approaching she’s set for a busy few weeks.

The mum-of-one, who has had all manner of weird and wonderful requests for unique headwear, said: “It all started when I had a fascinator made for myself, and I went round to try it and wanted to make some changes, and I pretty much ended up sitting there and making it myself – and then handing over £45 for it!

“So I thought, ‘Do you know what? I could do this myself’.

“So I started making my own fascinators, and making them for friends and family, and it all spiralled from there.

“I’ve created so many different pieces over the years but I’d say the strangest request I’ve had so far was for a fascinator that looked like a bird’s nest.”

Vicky, aged 38, who juggles her hat-making duties through her Taylor Made business with cake design and also looking after six-year-old son, Kaiden, has been inundated with orders from paying customers ever since.

She said: “I think people like having something that’s one of a kind and something that stands out from the crowd.

“Customers bring along their outfits and I match colours in and create designs that work with the whole outfit. I work to people’s budgets too so it’s very accessible.”

And Vicky, of Harrow Road, Armthorpe, is looking forward to seeing some of her creations on show when she attends this year’s ladies’ day in Doncaster.

“It’s amazing when I see people wearing my designs. Fascinators and hats always catch my eye anyway, and I love seeing what everyone is wearing, but spotting one of my own designs is a great feeling.”

Vicky is already busy making Leger creations and is expecting a fair few long nights ahead of the event.

“I do most of my work when Kaiden is asleep but I love making them so I don’t mind putting in the hours.

“It can take anywhere from half an hour for a 
simple one through to a couple of hours depending on the style.

“I’m not the quickest but I would rather take my time and have quality rather than quantity.”

To contact Vicky of Taylor Made call 07799 847623, email victoriataylor75@hotmail.co.uk or visit the Taylor Made group on Facebook.