Busby Babe’s sister dies

Irene Beevers with a photograph of David Pegg
Irene Beevers with a photograph of David Pegg

A woman whose brother was a Busby Babe killed in the Munich Air Disaster died from a severe epileptic fit, a Doncaster inquest heard.

Irene Beevers was the younger sister of David Pegg, a brilliant footballer from Highfields, who died in the plane crash which wiped out much of the Manchester United team after a European cup-tie in 1958.

Mrs Beevers, aged 72, and who was a trieless charity worker, died at her home in Scawsby last April.

She had suffered from epilepsy for more than 20 years and had also recovered from breast cancer.

Her husband, Jack, found her dead in the early hours, and the inquest was told that the fit had been so severe she had bitten her tongue.

Irene’s mother had also suffered from the condition.

The post-mortem examination carried out by Dr Anju Verghese ruled out any other cause of death and the inquest heard Mrs Beevers had difficulty tolerating epilepsy drugs because of their side-effects.

Dr Verghese said the most likely cause of death was a seizure and Doncaster Coroner Nicola Mundy recorded a natural causes verdict.

Mr Beevers, of Sherwood Avenue, said her epilepsy was largely controlled by medicine and she would sometimes have two complex seizures a week.

The incidents would occasionally happen as often as seven times a week, and other weeks none at all.

The day before her death, she had not felt well but had not asked to see a doctor.

Ms Mundy said the most significant aspect of Mrs Beevers’ health was her epilepsy, which was difficult to control because she had probloems tolerating medication.

Three years ago Mrs Beevers won a national award in recognition of her charity work, shortly after her golden wedding anniversary.