Bus firm ‘cut village off’

BUS bosses have been accused of leaving part of a South Yorkshire village ‘cut off’ after making service changes.

Deborah Osborne, a student who lives in Aston, has been left fuming after First made alterations to routes around the village last weekend.

There used to be an X14 and X15 circular service within a few minutes’ walking distance of most parts of Aston. But timetables, routes and numbers have been changed, with the X15 withdrawn and X14 re-routed.

Services X5 and X4 also stop in Aston but the new services no longer run along Lodge Lane, in the south of the village.

Deborah said: “First has cut off part of a village. As a Sheffield Hallam University student, I travel daily into Sheffield during term time.

“Changes to bus services now mean I will have to walk to and from Swallownest to catch a service into Sheffield. This inconvenient alteration in services will add another 20 minutes onto my journey with a steep hill between my home and Swallownest to walk up and down.

“Thankfully, I have youth on my side, but what about my elderly neighbours who use the buses to travel to Sheffield?

“I think it is disgraceful that the company has reduced our buses so dramatically with no public consultation.”

A First South Yorkshire spokesman said: “We have noted the comments made by Deborah.

“We have made changes to our network to benefit the majority of our customers.

“We believe Deborah will have two buses per hour from where she lives to Sheffield, namely the X14 on Worksop Road and the X4 which runs on Aughton Lane in Aston.

These are spaced to provide a bus roughly every 30 minutes.

“We will monitor these routes over the next few weeks to see if customers are suited by these changes.”