Building bridges with musicality

Musical Bridges at Swinton Community School
Musical Bridges at Swinton Community School

A ‘Musical Bridges Day’ to link two Swinton schools hit just the right note and proved worthwhile for everyone.

Year five pupils from Queen Street Primary School visited Swinton Community School for a day organised by the older school’s performing arts department and Rotherham Music Service.

The exercise was planned in order to strengthen existing musical links between secondary and primary schools in the area.

In the morning, visiting year five pupils, armed with glockenspiels and brass instruments, practised pieces they had learned with Jeremy Wade of Rotherham Music Service.

They were joined later by year seven pupils who added their own choral element to the proceedings.

The Queen Street orchestra performed several pieces, the main one being ‘Township Tunnel’, and the choir sang Let it Go and Don’t Stop Believing. Pupils said they really enjoyed the joint exercise, which is set to be repeated in the future.

Swinton Community School now has four ‘houses’ and colours with pupils and staff belonging to Endeavour, Illustrious, Intrepid or Valiant. Pupils took part in “Harry Potter style” sorting hat assemblies to discover which house they were in.