Brexit: Doncaster campaigners to stage People's Vote protest in town centre

Doncaster campaigners calling for a People's Vote on Brexit will stage a protest in the town centre this weekend.

Monday, 3rd December 2018, 08:39 am
Updated Monday, 3rd December 2018, 08:45 am
A People's Vote protest will be held in Doncaster this weekend.

Members of the Best for Doncaster group will gather in the town centre this Saturday to gauge local public opinion and call for a People's Vote as part of a national day of action.

The nationwide protest will be the last day of campaigning ahead of MP's voting on Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal on December 11.

A People's Vote protest will be held in Doncaster this weekend.

The group will be hosting a '˜Brexitometer' event outside Primark from 11am to 1pm when both Leavers and Remainers will be able to have their say.

As well as in Doncaster, events are taking place all over the country with thousands of campaigners and activists involved.

Frederika Roberts, spokesman for Best for Doncaster said: "Opinion polls consistently show a clear majority of voters in most constituencies across Britain want their say on Brexit in a People's Vote.

'As part of the government's Brexit deal, the UK has agreed to pay a £50 billion divorce bill, but we'll get nothing in return. Instead, we'll lose all our rights as an EU member '“ with less trade, fewer opportunities, and lower living standards.'

Under the deal, British people will lose the right to live, work or study visa-free around Europe with Britain continuing to follow EU rules, but have no say over how they're made.

She added: 'People don't just have to accept a bad Brexit. They can demand their voice is heard.

'The public needs to have the final say on this crucial decision via a People's Vote because the government has made a huge mess of things and there isn't a clear or consistent opposing message from the opposition.'