Brett launches new record label

WEDDING performer Brett Jackson likes the recording studio he used to rehearse in so much that… he bought it!

And he’s set to launch his own record label to get his town’s young musical talent on the road to fame… which is some achievement, given that he’s still only 21 himself.

Along with his ambitions to set up the first record label in his hometown of Barnsley, he plans to run a competition for the town’s aspiring new stars – with a free recording session for the winner!

Budding entrepreneur Brett wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth – but he’s never let that stop him in his quest to be a big musical name.

At the age of 13, he set up his own door-to-door car washing business to help him buy his first guitar.

And while studying for his BA Hons degree in music production, Brett then set up a flourishing wedding-singing and DJ business – to earn the cash to help him leap forward into his studio venture.

Now he’s dreaming of breaking his own Arctic Monkeys, and putting Barnsley’s musical talent on the map!

Brett, from Fountain Square, Darton, said: “I’ve always worked for what I’ve got in music.

“When I was in my teens I wanted a guitar – but my cousin had one and quickly gave it up so my mum wouldn’t buy me one. I set up a door-to-door car washing service and earned the money myself!”

Brett began playing in live bands at the tender age of 15 and he now boasts over half a decade of public performing behind him.

After studying Music Technology at Barnsley College, he moved on to his degree course at the prestigious Leeds College of Music – where he joined My Friends in Vegas, and met up with singer Andrew Lingard.

When the Friends split, Brett and Andrew, now 20 formed a duo… and launched their own wedding entertainment business.

They are now favourites at weddings across Yorkshire with their live acoustic act and DJ service, 24 Degrees, which they tailor to the individual requirements of wedding parties.

Brett has saved every penny he can form the weddings – and now he has snapped up the recording studio where he used to practice, to launch Studio 24, just two minutes from Barnsley town centre.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it when the owner said he wanted to part with it – I was straight in! I’ve been associated with the studio from a few years, and I’ve done quite a bit of engineering there.

“Though I’m only 21 I already have years of experience as a performer and studio engineer – backed by all my technical knowledge of recording, gained from university.

“Now my friends from Leeds College of Music – who are all experienced and qualified producers – are bringing their bands to my studio to record them. I’m hoping to have top performers and producers from across the region in here.

“I’m going to rent the studio to them on a freelance basis – they’ll come in with their bands and record here.

“I’ve also just made a tie-up with a music video company – and the next thing I’m planning to do is start my own record label!

“There are loads of bands in Barnsley, and loads of venues for them to play… but no local record label that I’m aware of.

Brett is also talking to local music promoters, with a view to staging a Barnsley Battle of the Bands competition, with a free recording session for the winners.

He added: “There’s a of talent in this area and I’d love to give these young musicians a chance to get their stuff broadcast… who knows, we might help find another Arctic Monkeys?!”

Meanwhile, his “wedding singer” service goes on, to help fund his new ventures!

Brett explained: “People can hire us for our disco, live music or both – but whatever they want, we will try to do a bespoke service to give them the music they want.

“It’s a unique service – if they want a disco, they don’t just get Abba straight out of the box. I will send them play lists and let them pick exactly the music they want.

“If Andrew and I are playing, again we will send them set lists to choose from; we’ll specially introduce songs for them if they tell us who they’re dedicated to – and we will even learn songs from scratch for the performance as long as they give us enough notice!”


For more information, or to interview Brett, you can contact him directly on 07403 417524.

You can view his website here: