BREAKING NEWS: Missed opportunities in care of murderer Hannah Bonser, official report states

13-year Casey Kearney.
13-year Casey Kearney.

AN independent report into the care provided to Hannah Bonser who murdered schoolgirl Casey Kearney has found that organisations missed opportunities to address early signs of concern about her.

The Independent Multiagency Agency Report, written by Professor Pat Cantrill and published today, says that no single ‘agency’ owned Miss Bonser’s care and frequent movements between agencies resulted in some fragmentation of the care she received.

Professor Cantrill concludes that there were missed opportunities to work with Miss Bonser more effectively and she makes 21 recommendations for organisations directly involved or interested in her care.

They cover a number of areas, including better monitoring, risk management, record keeping and training.

Professor Cantrill also states that it is important to note that it was Miss Bonser’s actions that led to the tragic death of Casey and at her trial she was found guilty of murder and not manslaughter as a result of diminished responsibility.

Casey’s parents have been kept informed of the progress of the independent review and have been given a copy of the full report.

Margaret Kitching, NHS Doncaster’s Nurse Director, commissioned the review and report. She said: “Casey’s death was a terrible tragedy and our hearts go out to her parents, family and friends as today will undoubtedly be another very difficult time for them. Everyone involved in the review has been determined to carry out a thorough investigation so we can learn from Professor Cantrill’s findings and we will ensure that all her recommendations are fully implemented.”

More details to follow in Thursday’s edition of the Doncaster Free Press.