BREAKING: High winds tear off part of Sheffield city centre building

High winds are believed to have caused 40ft high panels to be ripped away from a building in Sheffield city centre this morning.

A number of steel panels tore away from the side of the Armadillo Self Storage building in West Bar.

The damage at Armadillo Self Storage.

The damage at Armadillo Self Storage.

Police cordoned off the scene at 8.30am as gale force winds battered the area.

An officer at the scene said the damage is believed to have been caused by high winds.

He added: "We are asking people to stay back as a precaution. We will be closing part of the road as a precaution."

An onlooker, who did not want to be identified, said: "It looks bad. It is potentially dangerous.

"If the wind blows and one of the panels comes off it could take someone's head off."