Brave mum battling disease against odds

Suzanne Phillips, of Auckley, who has written an online book with her mum Eve Sutherland.
Suzanne Phillips, of Auckley, who has written an online book with her mum Eve Sutherland.
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AN INSPIRATIONAL mum-of-two has beaten the odds to battle on despite being given just two years to live a decade ago.

Suzanne Phillips received the terrifying diagnosis that she was suffering from motor neurone disease (MND) when her two sons were aged just seven and nine.

Now the 46-year-old is putting the finishing touches to a race night to raise cash for research into the muscle-wasting condition, which world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking also suffers from.

She said: “It was absolutely terrifying when I first found out. It does happen that people survive longer than doctors say but not very often.

“I am finding doing things more difficult these days and there are some things that I’m unable to do. I have trouble opening bottles, getting in and out of the bath and putting earrings in.

“But I’m still reasonably mobile and I still find time to nag my two boys, Lance and Aron.”

Suzanne, of Vulcan Mews, Auckley, first realised that something was wrong when she experienced a weakness in her arms and went to see her GP. She added: “I didn’t think it was anything all that serious. I mentioned the problem and just expected to be handed a prescription. It was several months later that I got the actual diagnosis after I’d been to the hospital for tests.

“It’s not a disease that many people know much about so I’m really keen to raise money and awareness.”

The race night planned for October 26 at the Doncaster Catholic Club is currently taking up much of Suzanne’s energy. She is calling out to any businesses that might be able to donate towards the raffle to get in touch.

“I’d be really grateful if any businesses can donate prizes to help support the cause,” she added.

Earlier this year, she completed co-writing her first book, The Gorry Brothers, First Leap, alongside her mother Eve, and they are donating half the proceeds to MND research charities.

At the race night, there will also be a stall for homemade cards, a cake stall and a raffle, with the top prize of a Amazon Kindle.

Tickets for the event at £5 each include a pie and pea supper.

Tickets are available from the Catholic Club and Brooklyn Gold Shop in Balby Road. Call 01302 771051 if you can help or for information.