Brave Chloe fights back from her appalling injuries

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THE father of triple death crash survivor Chloe Newby has told how he had to tell his daughter in her hospital bed that her three best friends had died.

Chloe, 16, was the sole survivor of the Corsa car in the head-on smash that claimed the lives of her boyfriend Jonathan Scott, and close pals Lauren Birkett and Robert Tepper.

She was taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary with multiple serious injuries.

This week, her dad Kerry revealed that Chloe has no memory of the accident. She was taken off a ventilator only last Wednesday (January 12).

Days later, her family broke the tragic news that her three friends had died in Adwick Road, Mexborough crash on December 27.

Mr Newby said: “She had no recollection of what happened at all – she could not even remember anything from Christmas.

“By last Friday, we had to tell her what happened. She was absolutely devastated – she could not believe it.

“She asked for pictures of all three of them so she could put them in her hospital room.

“She is absolutely gutted by what’s happenend.”

He added: “Chloe said she’s feeling guilty about what happened because she was the only one to survive.

“She also felt bad because she wasn’t able to go to the funerals. But we are all here to support her.”

He added that her memory loss was so bad that she was even unsure of where she was, when she first regained consciousness.

“When she first woke up, she was just mumbling, and was thrashing her arms and legs around.

“So we had to calm her down and tell her: ‘it’s OK – you’re in hospital and have been in a car accident’.”

Chloe’s horrific ist of injuries show just how fortunate she was to survive the crash.

Her dad said she sustained a cracked skull, fractured neck bone, broken left arm, broken left and right ankles, broken right leg, broken pelvis in four places and suffered a blood clot in her chest causing a lung to deflate.

She now has pots on both legs, plates in her arm and has been fitted with a special cage to stabilise her pelvis.

Mr Newby said: “She is a big Sheffield Wednesday fan and wanted the pots in blue and white, but they gave her pink ones.

“The doctors have said the target is for her to be sitting up in bed on her own by January 25.

“She has lost a bit of her spark – obviously she is still recovering. But hopefully, that will come back in time.”

And he added that the determined youngster had even set a target to be back on her feet by the end of March, to attend a sportsmen’s dinner – organised in her honour by Times photographer, Karen Elliott.

Two of the speakers at the event, to be held at Pastures Lodge, are Owls’ heroes Chris Waddle and John Sheridan.

Mr Newby said: “She was really pleased when we told her that the dinner had been organised. Chloe is very, very determined and said she would like to be able to walk to it.

“We just want to thank everyone for their support. They have been brilliant.”

The dinner will take place on Thursday, March 31.

Alongside Sheridan and Waddle, former Owls teammate Phil King will act as compere.

Comedian John Stiles – son of World Cup winner Nobby – will also be there to entertain the crowd, and the night will feature an auction of sporting memorabilia.

Karen said: “I felt it was only right to help out, as the family has gone through a terrible time”.

The event will start at 7.30pm and it includes pie, chips and peas. Tickets, priced £20, are available from Pastures Lodge – call 01709 579599.