Brain injury killed Doncaster pedestrian

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The young pedestrian involved in a fatal road accident last weekend died from severe head trauma which resulted in brain stem death, a Doncaster inquest has heard.

Daniel Thomas Cooke, aged 20, died on Saturday, October 26, about 20 hours after he was injured in Hampole Balk Lane, Skellow, when he collided with a car.

The flooring contractor lived in Martindale Road, Carcroft, and was the father of two young children.

Emergency services were called to the scene at 12.45am on October 26 and after first aid Daniel was taken straight to the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield.

His mother, Helen Humble, a factory worker, was with him when he died at 10pm the same day from the brain injury.

Doncaster Deputy Coroner Fred Curtis has released his body for cremation and adjourned the inquest until March 14 next year.