Boy burned in street - probe

AN INCIDENT at Rotherham, in which a boy was burned by lighter flames while walking along the street, has sparked a safety campaign.

Fire and police officers from Rotherham and the Dearne have issued strong warnings about the dangers of lighters and areosols, following the horrifying incident.

The 12 year-old boy received injuries including singed eyebrows and eyelashes, following the clash that involved a group of youths creating big flames using a cigarette lighter and aerosol can.

The boy was walking along when he noticed a group of about six male youths standing together. One youth was playing with a lighter, he said, while another sprayed an aerosol can into the flame.

As the youngster passed the group, he was caught by the flame and suffered minor injuries to the left side of his face, including singed eyebrows and eyelashes. The boy ran home and was later taken to hospital for treatment.

The victim said he believed the group had been “messing around”. It is not known whether the youths had intentionally planned to harm the 12 year-old as he walked past.

Officers remind young people that playing with lighters and aerosol cans be extremely dangerous. They are unpredictable and can cause potentially life-threatening injuries.

Parents are also being encouraged to warn their children about the dangers of playing with fire. They can seek further advice and information from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

It appears that this was a one-off incident and officers investigating this case are appealing for anyone who may have seen what happened, or with information to come forward. The incident was on November 2 on Lister Street, at about 8pm.

If you can help, contact South Yorkshire Police on 101 and quote reference 1190.

For further information and advice on fire safety, visit South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s website: