Boxing video exclusive: rare peek at private sparring session between Josh Wale and Tommy Frank

Behind the scenes, two boxers at different stages of development tested each other out.

Thursday, 11th January 2018, 9:53 am
Updated Thursday, 11th January 2018, 10:00 am
Tommy Frank and his SBC team

Josh Wale, the British bantamweight champion who has seen it all sparring with Tommy Frank, the super flyweight hoping to win an area title in his next bout.

It was experience versus potential. Thirty six fights versus six. Brampton, Barnsley versus Intake, Sheffield.

Tommy Frank and his SBC team

And The Star was fortunate to witness the gruelling six rounder which helped both men prepare for their next serious outing.

Wale, not one to let grass grow under his feet at 29, is readying himself for his third defence of a British title he first won only 10 months ago. He faces Bobby Jenkinson at Ponds Forge, on February 2.

Frank boxes Doncaster’s Craig Derbyshire, hoping to take his Central Area Super Flyweight strap, at the Metrodome, Barnsley on March 16.

Wale and Frank went toe-to-toe in a session which will have sharpened the older man's offensive edge and underlined the importance of defensive agility to the 24 year old prospect.

Tommy Frank and his SBC team

It was exhilaratingto watch, with Frank later saying he’d benefited hugely from the veteran’s strength and ringcraft.

Wale said: “It was good for Tommy and it is good for me.

“He is an up and coming kid.

“I sparred with him before my last fight (Don Broadhurst, Manchester, September) and that worked so we used him again for this one.

Tommy Frank and his SBC team

“Tommy is fast and nimble on his feet, Glyn (Rhodes, trainer) wants him to use that more that’s why he brought me in to try and get him to move more.

“And it is working, he is doing well and my career is on an elevator at the minute so we are all happy.”

Interestingly, Wale suggested the session did not amount to “full blown sparring” which came as a surprise to those watching the duel at Sheffield Boxing Centre, Hillsborough.

But he did admit his style was to bully opponents, using his power at 118 pounds to press and drain his rival of energy.

Tommy Frank and his SBC team

“You have got to go to your strengths - I am a big strong bantamweight” he said.

As for fighting in general, Wale said: “I love it, me, once I get going and get into a rhythm away I go!”