‘Bodies in Doncaster canal’ rumour sweeps Facebook

The canal bridge at Stainforth.
The canal bridge at Stainforth.

Police have moved to calm fears after rumours of bodies being found in a Doncaster canal swept social media yesterday.

Scores of posters on Facebook and Twitter claimed that police had closed off the bridge near the New Inn at Stainforth following a discovery of a body in the foundations of the bridge.

The post said: “stainforth canal bridge to come down, police have found a body in foundations, and think their (sic) maybe more, than 1. poss up to 3.”

But a spokesman for South Yorkshire Police ruled out the rumour and said: “We’ve done a comprehensive search for all incidents in and around the canal in Stainforth over the weekend.

“We can’t find anything regarding bodies in the canal or indeed the bridge foundations - it looks like the rumour mill at work again.”

Last weekend, police had to deal with a similar problem when reports of a series of explosions across Doncaster town centre were spread using social media.

People claimed the blasts were gas explosions, demolition work and even a riot at Doncaster Prison - until police revealed that the actual cause of the noise was loud fireworks.