Blaze spread from ‘exploding gas cylinders’

Firemen tackle the blaze at Melville Street allotments
Firemen tackle the blaze at Melville Street allotments

FIREFIGHTERS battled for over four hours to save a Wombwell company premises, when a blaze spread from nearby allotments.

People living close to the Melville Street allotments were woken by massive bangs in the early hours of Friday, as several gas cylinders exploded, and flames licked up the side of adjacent units.

Onlooker David Cocking of Rectory Close said: “I looked out and saw huge flames. Minutes later there were sirens and blue lights. I was worried about any livestock on the allotments”.

Fire crews from Dearne and Cudworth called for reinforcements from Tankersley, Dearne (retained), Barnsley and Mosborough. watch manager George Fenwick said: “Four of the industrial unit’s windows shattered, and there was water damage inside from our firefighting actions, but we managed to prevent the building from suffering serious damage.”

Managing director of E and C Engineering, Eric Rand, 67, said: “We weren’t aware of a fire risk from the allotments. We have been very lucky”. The machine shop below, containing up to £300,000 worth of machinery, was unscathed. Offices belonging to Hannaby Engineering were also affected. An investigation was launched in to the cause of the fire.