Blaze at Epworth stables

A fire at Skyers Farm.
A fire at Skyers Farm.

Horses and woodland were placed at risk by a massive blaze at a stables near Epworth.

A seven-year old boy was the first to spot flames shortly after 5.30pm on Tuesday.

Fire spread quickly through 15 tons of straw on a muck heap close to a riding arena at Skyers Livery and Riding Stables on Wroot Road.

Stables owner Gemma Oliver, 27, said: “My son Ethan was playing near the heap and saw the fire. He came running and shouting, and we went round quickly. We rang for help and used sand and water to try and stem the flames. Thankfully the fire brigade got here quickly.”

She added: “We kept the horses well away but it was scary. The fire was very near a rookery that is full of baby birds, and perilously close to an overhead telephone wire. It spread so fast.”

Fire crews from Epworth and Kirton Lindsey took almost five hours to put the blaze out.

Ms Oliver added: “We’ve been here seven years and never had such a drama. Fortunately there were no injuries and little cost to us.”

A fire spokesman said the cause of the fire was accidental.