Bizarre campaign calls for Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys' frontman Alex Turner to 'banish the beard'

A bizarre campaign has been launched calling for Arctic Monkeys' frontman Alex Turner to shave off his newly grown beard.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 07 March, 2018, 11:27
Alex Turner.

The online petition, entitled 'Alex Turner banish the beard', has been launched on the website and has so far attracted a whopping 2500 signatures towards a target of 5000.

READ MORE: Uncertainty around withdrawal of Sheffield park concerts application thought to be Arctic Monkeys gigsIt was launched after the lead singer of the Sheffield band was recently pictured sporting some newly grown facial hair.

Eabha Lynn, who launched the petition, described the beard as "visually unappealing" and added: "Maybe he likes his beard? Maybe it's part of his creative process?

"While all of these are fair enough reasons, the beard is ultimately to Mr Turner's detriment."

The post read: "Perhaps even more vitally, Alex has let himself into a giant summer tour, spanning many European countries this year.

"If this beard keeps growing, will us fans even be able to hear that voice from behind the beard? We may never know - but sign this petition and we may never have to know."

The band is expected to release details of their long-awaited sixth album later this year.