Bike campaign to cut crash numbers in South Yorkshire

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NEWS: News.

Bikers will be given advice by police as part of a new campaign to reduce the number of riders involved in road crashes in South Yorkshire.

Officers will focus on both high-powered bikes and riders who use scooters or motorcycles under 125cc in the county-wide operation.

The two-week drive has been announced as the busiest season of the year for biking gets under way.

It aims to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries – in 2012 four motorcyclists were killed and 90 seriously hurt on South Yorkshire roads.

Sgt Graham Sayner said: “As the start of the main motorcycling season approaches, we are looking to highlight the importance of motorcycle safety and to remind riders their perceived skill level may not be as high if returning from the winter break.

“We also encourage motorcyclists to take further training to increase their observation and planning skills, which will lead to a smoother riding style which will hopefully increase their level of safety.”

Officers will be carrying out vehicle checks, advising on suitable protective clothing and promoting further rider training.

They will work with the Safer Roads Partnership and also be handing out Think Bike hi-visibility vests.

Bikers have also been urged to follow some simple steps to help them stay safe on the roads.

These include always wearing the right protective clothing, as in the event of an incident it could prevent serious skin damage.

Bikers should also consider where they are in relation to other vehicles’ blind spots and always plan to be in the safest position on the road.

Making allowances for other drivers when out riding is also advised as many car drivers have never ridden a bike so have no idea how quickly they can alter speed or change direction.

Police also urge bikers to stick to speed limits and consider advanced training.

The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership supports a number of motorcycle safety initiatives across the county, including BikeSafe.

The one-day course run by South Yorkshire Police includes a short classroom session about the factors resulting in motorcycle collisions and a practical observed ride out with constructive feedback from a police bike officer.

The sessions cost £50 and will be held on April 27, May 4, May 24, June 22 and July 12.

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