Big money robberies hit country, but not our region says police force

Police tape
Police tape

OVER 300 bank, retail and security company raids took place in the space of 10 months - however, none were in South Yorkshire say police.

For organised crime groups targeted big money firms, and held up vans carrying cash and valuables in 306 attacks between January and October, resulting in losses worth more than £4.7 million.

However, with none of the incidents being recorded in South Yorkshire, Det Cons Nina Kitchener believes it is partly because of the force’s ‘tough stance’ on such robberies.

She said: “South Yorkshire Police (SYP) provides a high priority service to all cash carriers and their employees throughout the year and this is intensified over the Christmas period when such attacks traditionally occur.

“During the ‘Follow the Van’ campaign, SYP will use a combination of policing tactics to deter and capture offenders.

“These include deploying both covert and overt police resources, together with the force’s helicopter and specialist firearms teams to keep track on security vans during this vulnerable time. In addition, patrols will be increased during cash deliveries and collections.

“The warning SYP wish to send to criminals is clear, if you intend to commit such offences in South Yorkshire you will be apprehended and receive a substantial prison sentence.”