Big brother has become a big bore

Celebrity Big Brother winner Charlotte Crosby leaves the house during Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2013 final.
Celebrity Big Brother winner Charlotte Crosby leaves the house during Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2013 final.

Love it or loathe it fly on the wall TV show Big Brother was ground-breaking when it first hit our screens back in 2000.

But fast forward a few years and the good old fashioned reality show has seen better days and better viewing figures.

Back in the good old days there were no gimmicks, just the weird but compelling fascination of watching a house full of strangers interact with each other.

But after 31 series of Big Brother - including 14 regular series, 13 celebrity series, and four special series - I can’t help but think it might be time to stop flogging a dead horse.

I stopped tuning into the ‘civvy’ version of the show when it was axed from Channel 4 and re-appeared on Channel 5 in 2011.

But I must admit I have been known to tune into the odd celebrity spin-off version of the show on occasion.

So when the latest celebrity line-up made their debut I shamelessly tuned in - in between a bit of channelling flicking.

Those of you who read this column regularly will be well aware of my love for all things celebrity and reality trash TV, but even I’m massively underwhelmed by the calibre of people that have made the cut.

Since when did a runner up from The Apprentice and a Daily Mail columnist constitute a celebrity?

I might get my name down for next year’s show.

And then there’s the token has beens like Lionel Blair and Jim Davidson, talk about a yawn fest.

True to form the housemates had barely come through the door and already there was bed hopping, kissing and shameless pairing off.

You just know half of the housemates are desperately trying to strike up some fake relationship to secure themselves a glossy magazine deal when they emerge.

I’m already fed up will all the fakeness and blatant bids to get attention from these fame hungry cretins.

Big Brother may be watching you but I can’t think of many others that will bother.

I used to think Celebrity Big brother was vaguely entertaining but now the so called famous faces seem even more desperate for attention then the “normal contestants”.

At least shows like Strictly Come Dancing involve a bit of skill and allow us to see a celebrities in a new light.

Even I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here involves wilderness survival tactics and moments of comedy TV gold.

But watching a house full of egotistical idiots just sitting around, trying to talk over each other and compete for air time is beyond even my trash TV threshold and that’s saying something.