Bids sought for rare royal whisky decanters discovered in Doncaster

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A pair of right royal whisky decanters could help toast our Miles Better Million Campaign.

The two rare artefacts, produced as souvenirs to mark a pair of Royal Weddings in the 1980s, have been donated to help boost our campaign to bring vital radiotherapy services for cancer patients to Doncaster for the very first time.

The bell-shaped decanters were produced by world famous scotch whisky maker Bell’s as souvenirs to mark the weddings of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981 and Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson in 1986.

And we are now appealing to Royal lovers, whisky collectors and those interested in heritage to contact us with bids for the pieces which we are auctioning off to help raise funds for the campaign, run in conjunction with Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust.

Campaign spokemsan Jeannette Fish said: “They were donated as raffle prizes, but we realised they are quite unusual and rare souvenirs that could be worth a lot of money to a collector. We want to auction them off and bring in a lot of cash for the campaign.”

The two 750ml decanters are still sealed and come in their original packaging boxes, which have suffered some slight damage. Empty decanters can retail for £20 online while the Charles and Diana one is believed to be the most collectable and can sell for £450 or more. It is understood one of the porcelain decanters was once sold to a collector for more than £2,500.

If you are interested in bidding for the decanters, either individually or as a pair, please send sealed bids by post to: Royal Whisky Decanters Auction, Doncaster Free Press, 39 Printing Office Street, Doncaster, DN1 1TP. Or email your bids to, putting Royal Whisky Decanters Auction in the subject box.

A spokesman for Diageo, owners of the Bell’s brand, said the decanters were “very collectable” and could fetch considerable sums.

The firm has been making collectable decanters for major events for many years, with its Royal Wedding bottles among the most popular.

The auction will close by 5pm on April 13.