Baths under threat

WOMBWELL Swimming Baths could be the latest casualty of Barnsley Council’s budget cuts.

Barnsley Premier Leisure, who manage the council’s baths and sports facilities throughout the borough, will present their budget statement to the Council cabinet, who were due to make a final decision this week.

The Victorian building is considered to be outdated and too costly to run. It lacks disabled access facilities and has an antiquated heating system.

The Baths did, however, benefit from a new fitness suite recently.

Wombwell Coun Dick Wraith said: “The baths are still well-used to my knowledge - but I know the building’s age presents problems.

“It’s bad news if it has to shut. But it’s been under threat for as long as I can remember.

“There will be plenty of well-known sports personalities who trained there. Patrick Cryne used to go as a kid, certainly.

“But there’s this endless struggle to meet budget restrictions and Premier Leisure have got decisions to make like every other section”.

The nearest alternative swimming baths to Wombwell is at Hoyland. It is not known whether the 10 or so Wombwell staff would be redeployed to other areas.