Baths plan is revealed

PLANS have been submitted for the transformation of the old Wombwell Baths.

The controversial building that failed to achieve listed status is set to become a community-type gym with seven separate living apartments.

Wath businessman Kelvin Shaw is behind the scheme, that includes four two-bedroom apartments and three with one bedroom. He has included garages within the plans.

The suggested community gym is described as ‘modern and upmarket’ to attract people who want to use the most up-to-date gym equipment.

Wombwell Baths was the last swimming pool of its kind in the borough, and the community fought to save it before it was auctioned off by the Council for a price of £81,000 last year.

Barnsley Council said at the time that it would be too costly to modernise and keep open.

Mr Shaw has considered various schemes for the property. Access to the new gym would be from Hough Lane.