Barnsley: Why Stendel is worth the wait to Reds

Daniel Stendel
Daniel Stendel

Barnsley chief executive Gauthier Ganaye insists new boss Daniel Stendel is the perfect man to lead the club back to the Championship.

The Reds appointed the little-known German manager on a two-year contract last week.

Gauthier Ganaye

Gauthier Ganaye

After rushing in to hand Jose Morais the reins last season when circumstances dictated the club needed to move fast, the board were calculated and knew exactly what they wanted for their bid to return to the second tier.

Former Hannover 96 manager Stendel, who was approached by Barnsley rather than applying for the role, is an attack-minded coach who employs a high press.

That was the Reds style when they gained promotion from League One last time around.

Ganaye said: “We identified the style first, which was a counter-pressing and high-intensity attacking model.

“We clearly identified him [Stendel] as the perfect candidate to play this style of football so we went and approached him.

“I understand fans wanting a decision to be sooner, but this process would always take time,.

“We had a lot to talk through with each other.

“When you identify someone and then look to make contact with them, then interview them, this isn’t the ideal time of the season to do that.”

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