Back to roots gig in Thorne

Rusty Shackle.
Rusty Shackle.

it’ll be back to their roots when a five-piece band brings their very own brand of “folk and roll” to a pub in Thorne.

Two members of up-and-coming band Rusty Shackle are returning to the land of their fore-fathers to put on a gig at The Canal Tavern.

James and Scott McKeon - whose father and grand-father are from Thorne - will be playing at the South Parade pub and venue on Saturday from 8.30pm.

James said: “It’s a long way from Newport in South Wales and it’s not only great to get two gigs into the trip, but gives us an opportunity to discover our roots at the same time.”

After getting a gig tomorrow night at the popular Naughty Reunion at Butlins Skegness, the band decided to call into South Yorkshire to play at a pub run by their relatives, Ian and Yvonne Freeborn.

Rusty Shackle has been going for two years now and are beginning to make their mark on the music scene. This year they have already played at the prestigious O2 Academy in London as well as in Hyde Park for the Olympics, on the Saturday we had the three gold medals in track and field.

Scott added: “What a day that was – we couldn’t fail - the crowd were bopping all over the place.”

Asked to elaborate on their genre of music, James said “We’re difficult to pigeonhole really, but an up tempo cross between The Pogues and Mumford and Son gives you a flavour, you know - acoustic guitars, fiddles and banjos.”

The boys have both an EP and a recently released album out called Wash Away These Nights which they’ll be selling on the night and if there are any long lost relatives out there, or anyone with memories of the McKeons and the Lynskys, they say they’ll be an extra special welcome for you. Tickets for Saturday’s gig are £5 and can be bought on the door.

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