Author is never too busy

Gail Jones proudly shows off her first two books.
Gail Jones proudly shows off her first two books.

BUSY Mexborough author Gail Jones is part way through writing a trilogy of books - while also juggling volunteer work, a council job and caring for her ill mother!

The 44-year-old gave an insight into her busy lifestyle as she prepared to launch her second book ‘Family Fear’.

She still found time to pen the story, despite looking after her mum Iris round-the-clock, holding down an IT job with Rotherham Council and working with children at Brunswick Methodist Church.

Said Gail: “Fortunately my job is correspondence-based so I can work from home, I look after my mother and I’ve been working with the kids at the church for years.

“I really enjoy it, but I always make time for my writing because I love it.

“It’s great to get lost in a story and create new characters.

“There’s always stuff going on to take inspiration from.”

Her first book, Family Secrets, took her eight years to write as she took time to complete two children’s writing courses.

But the novel was finally released in 2008 and told the tale of a 15-year-old girl called Rachel who finds out she is adopted after moving to Rotherham.

Her latest story follows on from this, and sees the main character putting her life at risk while tracking down the criminal who attacked her grandmother.

Gail then hopes to launch her third installment in the series, ‘Family Missing’, in two years time.

She said; “For my latest book I decided to arc the story around crime because I was interested to see the effect this would have on a younger person.

“Her granny gets mugged, and there’s a few twists and turns in the book and she puts herself in danger on quite a few occassions.

“The whole story doesn’t end with this book though.

“I’ve always seen this as being a trilogy.”

Gail will be at a book signing of ‘Family Fear’ at Waterstones in The Arcade, Meadowhall, on Wednesday, February 23, between 2-4pm.