As one store closes another opens in Thurnscoe

ASDA supermarkets are launching their new Thurnscoe local supermarket on August 23rd.

One of 147 former Netto stores, the Thurnscoe store will close its doors as Netto on August 6th and reopen as ASDA with a stock of more than 10,000 items which is four times more than currently on offer.

Despite being a local supermarket, the new-look store is just one of 180 to be to opening its doors in the UK this year.

ASDA has already launched 50 of the new-type stores since May and before Christmas, the remaining 130 will be up and running.

The new store at Thurnscoe, with a floor space of 6,700 square feet, will have 31 parking spaces available to customers of the supermarket and will hold enough stock to do an entire week’s shopping.

A new bakery, food-to-go and a hot chicken counter will be manned by a lot of friendly faces already familiar to regular shoppers.

The 14 existing Netto crew will all be waiting to help customers at ASDA and, in addition, the company has also created 11 new jobs to cope with the extended product range.

The store is currently looking for a super hero from the local community to open the Thurnscoe supermarket.

Nominations can be made via the store’s web site.

The person chosen to open the store will also win a £50 voucher to spend in the new-look supermarket.