Arsonists strike twice

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A pair of giant haystacks went up in flames in a suspected arson attack at a Conisbrough farm on Wednesday

Fire fighters raced to Manor Farm at Clifton Hill just after midnight on Wednesday morning to find a stack of 500 hay bales ablaze in a field.

While crews from Edlington and Maltby battled to contain the fire, a second stack of 60 bales across the field also went up in smoke.

This was attended by firefighters from the Dearne station.

After working through the night, firefighters managed to save around 200 bales from the larger stack where the fire was deep-seated.

The stacks were finally extinguished by 8am.

A spokesman for the fire service said yesterday that although the cause was not yet confirmed, the blazes were being treated as deliberate because of the distance between the stacks.