Arsonists strike 11 times across South Yorkshire over weekend

Briary Avenue, Sheffield. Picture: Google
Briary Avenue, Sheffield. Picture: Google

Arsonists struck 11 times across South Yorkshire at the weekend.

A scooter went up in flames in Pembroke Street, Kimberworth Park, on Friday at 10.30pm.

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Rotherham Central firefighters put the blaze out.

Yobs set fire to a vehicle parked on a driveway in Grange Field Terrace, Rossington, at 11pm.

A crew from Rossington Fire Station extinguished the blaze.

A Vauxhall Astra went up in flames in Denton Road, Kimberworth Park, at 11.30pm.

Rotherham Central firefighters were called to the scene.

Arsonists set fire to a motorbike in Ellison Street, Thorne, at 4.40am on Saturday.

Firefighters from Thorne dealt with the blaze.

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A pile of litter went up in flames in Windmill Road, Wombwell, on Sunday at 7.40pm.

Cudworth firefighters spent about 40 minutes tackling the blaze.

Arsonists set fire to straw in a field near Priory Road, Ecclesfield, at 7.50pm.

A crew from Elm Lane Fire Station dealt with the flames.

A grassland fire spread in a field off Briary Avenue, High Green, at 8pm.

Crews from Tankersley Fire Station spent an hour at the scene.

Another grass fire spread on land close to Lamb Lane, Monk Bretton, at 8.30pm.

A crew from Cudworth Fire Station spent over an hour tackling the flames.

Thorne firefighters were called out to tackle a litter blaze on God Stone Road, Wellgate, in Rotherham.

They were called out at 9.45pm and spent about 30 minutes at the scene.

A grass fire scorched land on College Terrace, Darfield, at 9pm.

Dearne firefighters spent 45 minutes extinguishing the blaze.

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Some hay bales went up in flames in Adwick Lane, Toll Bar, at 9.15pm.

Doncaster Central firefighters spent more than an hour putting the flames out.