Arachnaphobe puts a spider on her head for charity


A Sheffield arachnaphobe faced her fear of all things eight legged by bravely getting up close and personal with a tarantula.

During a visit to the city’s Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre, Charlotte Burke-Sheen took on a real challenge to raise money for a worthy cause.

Charlotte completed a Face Your Fears challenge of holding a Chilean Rose Tarantula in aid of mental health charity Mind.

She was so scared of spiders she has previously slept in her car to avoid one.

Not only did she hold Rosy the tarantula in her hand, but she was also brave enough to have her on her head.

Charlotte has raised more than £200 for the charity so far, 200 per cent of her target.

Louise Larcombe, marketing manager at the wildlife attraction which has been voted the number one thing to do in Sheffield on Tripadvisor, said: “We were all really surprised and in awe of Charlotte when she asked if she could have Rosy the Chilean Rose Tarantula on her head.

“Charlotte was visibly shaking on arrival and backed away from Rosy when she was placed a metre away from her, so the transformation was amazing to see.

“I think Rosy has helped Charlotte with her arachnophobia.”

Face Your Fears experiences at the centre cost just £30 per person including park entry:

If visitors aren’t feeling brave enough to hold Rosy the Tarantula, they can instead hold a snake, lizard, bearded dragon, tenric (similar to hedgehogs), or tortoise.

Anyone that would like to donate towards Charlotte’s fundraising can do so via her justgiving page:

Current and upcoming events at the Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre are as follows: Halloween Spooktacular weekends between October 24 and November 1; Santa, Elves and Sleigh Bells weekends are due to take place between December 21–24.

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