Appeal for cash to help Harry

Linzie Cutts with her sons, Leown Cowdell (ten) and threev year old twins Harry (left) and Vinnie. Picture: Malcolm Billingham S0188MB
Linzie Cutts with her sons, Leown Cowdell (ten) and threev year old twins Harry (left) and Vinnie. Picture: Malcolm Billingham S0188MB

A DISTRAUGHT mum is appealing for help in raising £10,000 to adapt her home for her son, who has multiple disabilities.

Linzie Cutts has waited over a year for approval of a £30,000 grant from Rotherham Council for a vital wet room and bedroom for her three-year old blind son Harry.

But work on the adaptations to the Cutts’ Brampton council house can not begin until she and partner Kyle stump up £10,000 themselves, they have now been told.

Linzie said this week: “I’m gutted. It’s a huge sum to find and work can’t even begin until we get the money together. It’s thrown us in to a panic.”

The mum-of-three struggles to carry Harry up and down stairs, while also caring for his twin brother Vinnie. Harry is totally blind, is epileptic, and has pachygyria and septo-optic dysplasia.

“He’s got so much to contend with. He has the same condition as Jordan’s son, Harvey,” said Linzie, referring to the celebrity mum whose son has sometimes hit the headlines.

Harry’s conditions were diagnosed at her 21-week pregancy scan, she said. He is a twin, but bizarrely, Linzie was told Harry was conceived a week after his brother Vinnie, who has no disabilities. They have a 10-year old brother.

“Harry is so heavy to carry. He’s just lost a bit of weight but was four stone, and I carry him everywhere,” explained Linzie.

“The extension downstairs will make a world of difference to our lives. We’re desperate. It’s been a real battle to get this far. The cash demand is a blow I really don’t need,” she added.

Linzie has no constant help with the boys. Her mum lives locally but is suffering from a brain tumour and so is limited in what she can do. Her dad does what he can.

“I’m tough and I try to let nothing get me down but some days are horrendous....I get so so tired,” Linzie confessed.

The couple were told that cash allocations from the council are limited to £30,000, but further efforts will be made to try and reduce the cost.

Linzie and Kyle are prepared to fundraise, but baulk at the amount needed. Linzie attends Thurnscoe support group Little Hopefuls and they will back her as a registered charity in her efforts.

Michael Atwal-Brice of Little Hopefuls said: “We understand Linzie’s dilemma and will support her as much as we can. But we feel surely there must be something the council can do to help the family immediately.”

A spokesperson for Rotherham Borough Council said the authority was fully aware of Ms Cutts’ situation and that no decision about the costs had been made yet.

“We do appreciate how difficult it is for Ms. Cutts. Unfortunately, these issues do take time and we have many other people also seeking our assistance. We have to gain approval for the scheme and the relevant planning permissions as well as getting the necessary tenders for the work.”