APPEAL: Elderly Sheffield couple tell of terrifying moment masked burglars burst into bedroom with knife

Spa View Road, Hackenthorpe.
Spa View Road, Hackenthorpe.

An elderly couple have told of the terrifying moment masked raiders armed with a knife burst into their bedroom in the middle of the night while they were sleeping.

The man and woman, both aged in their 70s, woke up in their bed to find two masked men making threats while brandishing a knife.

Spa View Road, Hackenthorpe.

Spa View Road, Hackenthorpe.

Thankfully neither were hurt during the raid at their home in Spa View Road, Hackenthorpe, at 2.50am on Monday but the burglars made off with the woman’s engagement ring, a gold bracelet and her handbag.

The couple declined a lengthy interview and did not want to be identified but they spoke about the ordeal briefly for the first time from their doorstep.

The woman said: "It was very, very frightening. You don't expect to see that when you are in your own bedroom. We're shaken up."

Her partner added: "We are just coming to terms with what happened and are trying to recover from it."

Meanwhile other residents have expressed their shock over the incident.

Mick May has lived in the area for 23 years and said: "It is fairly quiet so I'm really surprised that this happened.

"It makes you a bit nervous to know that it only happened down the road."

Spa View Road residents Kath and Willis Thompson were also shaken up to hear about the incident.

Mrs Thompson, aged 66, said: "Everyone keeps themselves to themselves. It must have been awful for the couple."

Mr Thompson, aged 70, added: "You hear about crime now and again round here, but we haven't heard of anything serious for a while."

South Yorkshire Police described the offenders as being slim, white, aged in their early 20s and wearing dark clothing. One was around 6ft 2ins tall and the other 5ft 10ins tall.

A police spokeswoman said: "Detectives in Sheffield are asking for your help after an elderly couple had sentimental jewellery taken from their home.

"The two men are said to have been wearing masks and confronted the couple in their bedroom, reportedly threatening them with a small knife.

"Thankfully, the couple were not injured during the incident; however the men did take the woman’s engagement ring, a gold bracelet and her handbag before leaving the house.

"Officers investigating want to hear from you, if you saw or heard anything suspicious in the area in the early hours of Monday morning."

Anyone with information should call police on 101.