Anger over parking fines as rules changed at Doncaster B&M store

Adrian Talbot, pictured outside B&M Friars Gate, Doncaster, holding the parking fine he received after changes were made to the parking conditions. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP Talbot MC 1

Customers have been left furious over parking tickets after a high profile Doncaster store changed its rules.

New regulations have been brought in at the B&M Bargains store near the North Bridge -but shoppers who have been stung by fines claim the changes to the rules had not been made clear enough.

Adrian Talbot, aged 42, found himself fined £50 after being at the car park for 1hr 15mins.

He went into the store to complain and says he will not shop there again after the experience. He says he is considering protesting at the store with a banner.

The changes mean that the store now offers an hour of free parking, and then charges for the second hour.

Signs at the entrance state: "Please purchase a parking ticket for the duration of your stay from the payment machine."

It adds in big red letters: "Maximum stay two hours."

Mr Talbot, of Oversley Road, Wheatley, said: "There is small print that says you need to pay for the extra hour, but I think it should make it clear. I went to the B&M manager to complain and there three other people with the same complaint.

"I think they will lose customers because of this.

"Why did they not just have a big sign stating one hour free?"

He said he had spent £30 in the store on the day he was fined.

He said he was told the changes had been brought in two weeks ago but the cameras used to fine people had only been turned on this week.

Mr Talbot is among a number of people who have complained about the fines.

Another shopper, who did not want to be named, said: "I was surprised and aggrieved to get a fine."

B&M says motorists do not need a ticket if they are there for one hour. If they overrun their hour unexpectedly they can put money in when they return and it will still register. It is a maximum two hour car park.

A B&M spokeswoman said: “Car parking restrictions have been installed by an independent parking company to ensure that there is space for our customers to park.

“Signage was installed a week prior to the restrictions being in place to make people aware of the changes and the signage is also much larger than the usual car park signage to ensure that they stand out.

“The parking company also made sure that there were two wardens on site during the first week of the restrictions to help customers with any queries they may have with the changes.”

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