Anger over Epworth school prom

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NEWS: News.

A system that decided which pupils may or may not attend an Isle school prom this summer, has been slated by a parent.

Many pupils at the South Axholme Academy missed out on the end of year celebration because they did not earn enough merits to assure them a ‘passport’.

Parents of non-attenders, estimated to be around 50, included Colin Musgreaves of Epworth, who said the system was “unfair and unrepresentative of what a school prom should be all about.”

Mr Musgreaves’ son was among those who attended an ‘alternative’ prom night after being denied a place at the prom at Castle Park Rugby Club.

He said: “I and other parents were not even aware of the possibility of some pupils not attending the prom until late in the year. The system is ludicrous.

“When you see the pictures it’s hurtful for those who missed out. There are a lot of hurt feelings. Some kids were very upset.”

Merits towards the June 28 prom, that was attended by 114 pupils, were handed out for positive behaviour, attitude to learning, good attendance and punctuality.

A report with photographs of the evening, on the school website, said it was ‘a real success which made a fitting end to completing five exciting years at South Axholme Academy’.

Pupils had arrived in limos, on motorbikes, in a Scooby Doo van and year 11 boys had made their grand entrance together on spacehoppers, it added.

Headteacher Marie Lister said: “Merits were available regardless of a pupil’s academic ability.

“A cut-off point was imposed but all pupils had equal chance to gain a passport through the merits system.”