Anger over alleged bus fare increases across Sheffield

First buses.
First buses.

Angry passengers claim they have been hit by 'extortionate' price increases on a number of bus routes across Sheffield.

Scores of commuters have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration over apparent price hikes on some services run by First across the city.

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Former Sheffield Council leader Lord Scriven issued an angry tweet in which he claimed he had been charged £2 to travel from Hunter's Bar to the city centre.

He added: "You're taking the ****. So much for Sheffield Bus Partnership. It's the car for me in future."

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Pete Griffith added: "Why has a single from Hunter’s Bar to the city centre gone up from £1.50 in May to £2? There was an increase to £1.70 two weeks ago!"

Rosie Brown claimed she had been charged £2 to travel from Broomhill to the city centre, up from £1.70 last week and £1.50 "a few weeks ago."

Cherry Limb said she was charged £3 from the city centre to Nether Edge and added: "I thought the driver had misheard me when I got on so said 'oh no sorry I only want a ticket for a 15 minute ride, I don't want to buy the actual bus'."

Craig Marston tweeted: "The problem being highlighted here is the extortionate cost of bus fares. There’s absolutely no incentive to leave the car at home."

In a letter to The Star, Andrew Green, of Wincobank Avenue, Wincobank, claimed First increased the fare from Firth Park to the city centre from £1.50 to £1.70 and then an "eye-watering" £2 in a matter of weeks.

He wrote: "In an age when people are trying to be a little greener, this policy of increasing fares will only result in more and more people, especially those with families, turning back to their cars."

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First introduced changes to some of their prices on Sunday, May 27.

A spokesperson explained that a price rise then came into effect on Sunday, June 24, to meet an increase introduced by a rival bus company.

The change to some fares on Sunday 24th June was due to customers previously being charged a lower fare due to the Sheffield Price Promise guarantee – this means that customers were being charged the lower competitor fare.

This price matching rise is allowed under a price promise system introduced in October 2016.

Allan Riggall, head of commercial at First South Yorkshire, apologised to "any customers who were unaware of the changes."

He said: "Over the weekend we are aware one of the other local bus operators increased their fares and this therefore meant that some of our customers will have seen an increase to the discounted fare they paid last week."