Ambulance crews need clear signs

YORKSHIRE Ambulance Service (YAS) is urging residents to make sure their house name or number is clearly visible for emergency crews.

Crews answering 999 calls need to be able to respond as quickly as possible and with the onset of winter - and fewer daylight hours - signs must be clearly visible from the road by both day and night.

YAS Director of Operations, Sarah Fatchett, said: “Every second counts in a life-threatening emergency situation and if we are having difficulty in locating an address because of badly displayed and poorly lit house numbers and names, it may cause a dangerous delay.

“When our staff are responding to an emergency call, but are unable to immediately spot the house they are looking for, it can be very frustrating as they want to reach the patient as quickly as possible to provide the clinical care that they need.

“We simply ask that people check their house name or number is clearly visible from the road, make sure that there are no trees or bushes obstructing the sign and, when possible, switch on an outside light when it is dark.

“This simple action will help us to ensure our staff can reach you or a loved one quickly and could help save a life.”