All you need to know if you're buying a mobile phone this Christmas

If you're looking to buy a mobile phone as a gift this Christmas then look no further.

Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 2:43 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 3:50 pm
Which mobile is best for you?, the complete solution to trading in your old device and getting the best value new contract, reviewed some of the top deals in buying and selling mobiles and matched them up so you can see how trading in can unlock the funds to get the latest handsets at the best price. 

Rob Baillie, Mobile expert at, said:  'Trading in your old handset should absolutely become part of the process of upgrading but it's no surprise people feel a bit frozen about what the best route is, with so many options including trading in in-store, or taking your chances selling it on eBay. To make the most of the best deals on offer for your new contracts as well as getting the best value for your old handset, is the comprehensive solution to doing it all. You would not leave your old car on the drive, when you got a new one and it should be the same when it comes to mobile phones.

'When renewing your contract remember '˜free' handsets typically can cost more over time as you're paying the cost of the phone through the term of your contract. Whilst it can feel like the best way as it means no upfront payment, this can be a sting, as many stay with their provider beyond the terms of their contract waiting the next new handset and continuing to pay the same price. Investigate what your existing handset is worth using a recycling site. Even if you don't have the latest model, or your handset is broken, you might be surprised at the value you can get back and the impact it can have on your new deal.'

Which mobile is best for you?


Rob Baillie's Best Bundle picks for December


BUY: A Samsung Galaxy s9 on ee via e2save , with £160 upfront cost, 4GB of data and a bargain monthly cost

Extras: unlimited minutes and texts, a 12 month Taste Card

Monthly price: £19

SELL: Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB for £240

NEW EQUIVALENT MONTHLY PRICE: No upfront cost and £15.66 per month


If you're ready for an upgrade but don't want to be forking out too much extra for top of the range features, the s9 is a good choice to upgrade '“ offering a better camera, more efficiency and the power to support the new apps on the market that might start slowing your trusty 8 down. The monthly price is an absolute bargain for a hard working contract if you run light on data. This is a smart swap for anyone looking for a step up in spec without a step up in price, offering one of the cheapest contract options on the market. There is also a 12 Month Taste card included, meaning you also get money off meals out, all within the price.



BUY: Huawei Mate 20 Pro with 128GB of memory with £125 upfront cost and a mighty 100GB of data

Extras: unlimited minutes and texts, via on Vodafone

Monthly price: £36

SELL: iPhone 7 32GB for £217 

NEW EQUIVALENT MONTHLY PRICE: £32 with no upfront cost


If you really want the cutting edge of technology then this is a huge level up and showcases arguably the biggest advances in mobile tech the industry has seen for years, from a high performance battery to the revolutionary ability to reverse charge. It's also got a punchy memory capacity. In terms of the contract, if you are a power user looking to stream games, hot spot devices and stay constantly connected, you will have all you need in terms of data at a reasonable monthly rate, made even better by trading in your old handset and wiping out the upfront cost.



BUY: SMARTY sim only for £7.50 '“ with 2GB of data

Extras: Unlimited data and 2 free months free when you buy 1!

Monthly price: £7.50

SELL: iPhone 6 16GB for £101

NEW EQUIVALENT MONTHLY PRICE: Free for 15 months! (including the exclusive 2 months free)


If you're happy with the handset that you have, it's worth looking to move to Sim-only, and trading in a vintage handset you have hanging around to fund the cost. iPhones typically hold their value really well so even the iPhone 6 released in 2014 can tip over £100. Buy through and you get two free months when you buy one. This package is light on data, but you can upgrade to 4GB for another £2.50, or even 8GB for £5.00 more. The beauty of Sim Only is you can work out what you really need your phone to do and flex up and down accordingly. Run out mid-month? No problem. Pump it up by a GB for £1.25 at any point.


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