Alfie’s big day on a double-decker

BRAVE little bus-mad lad Alfie Wigley has a summer treat to look forward to, after an operation he faces soon.

Alfie Wigley, three, has a condition called Microtia - he was born without properly formed ears, and has hearing problems.

But the Denaby lad loves buses and was treated by Stagecoach Yorkshire to a day at their Rawmarsh depot, with his family recently.

Workers there took a shine to him and have now invited Alfie on their social club trip to Skegness on July 1 - on one of Alfie’s favourite buses, a double decker! His grandparents, who live at Mexborough, will join him.

Paul Billam of Stagecoach Rawmarsh said: “We got to know about Alfie through a driver who knows his grandparents, and he’ll love the trip = four hours as special guest on a double decker!”