ALERT: South Yorkshire mum's shock over bizarre incident in which woman 'tries to take' son in supermarket aisle

Asda in Doncaster. Picture: Google
Asda in Doncaster. Picture: Google

A South Yorkshire mum has told of her shock after a woman allegedly tried to abduct her son while they were shopping at Asda.

The woman told how she was shopping in the aisles of the supermarket near the Doncaster Dome yesterday evening when another woman tried to take her son.

She said that while she was looking at food on the shelves a woman approached and started walking off with her trolley - with her son sat in it.

The fearful Doncaster mum, who we have decided not to name at this stage, shouted at the woman and fortunately got her son back.

She posted details about the incident on her Facebook page to warn other parents to remain vigilant when visiting the area with their children.

The post has gone viral and has been shared around 800 times.

She has raised the issue with Asda staff and also made a complaint to South Yorkshire Police.

She said: "Just had a very weird experience at Asda.

"A woman trying to push (my son) away from me in the trolley while I was looking at the shelf.

"She never got an arms length away as I never take my eyes off him but not sure what she was actually doing, she can't have mistaken my trolley for hers as she never had one and my trolley was not in the way either.

"I shouted 'What are you doing?' and she said 'Sorry, sorry' and took off.

"She was pushing him like she was shopping and even when I was watching her she carried on like she never saw me.

"I am almost certain she was trying to take him."

She added that the woman - who allegedly spoke with an Eastern European accent - then went and met up with a man on another aisle.

The mum said she was "acting strange" and while she accepted the incident "may have been innocent" she warned other parents to keep a close eye on their children.

She added: "It's freaked me out. I reported this to the police and Asda are aware of it as I don't think this was a mistake.

"I think she knew exactly what she was doing."

This latest incident follows a previous unrelated incident in which a mum told how a man tried to snatch her son near the Home Bargains store close to Sandall Park at the end of July.

South Yorkshire Police and Asda have been contacted for comment and we are awaiting replies.