ALERT: Residents issue warning about 'tall man hiding in long grass' trying to feed berries to children in Sheffield park

Parson Cross Park. Picture: Google
Parson Cross Park. Picture: Google

Concerned parents have issued a warning about a 'tall man hiding in long grass' who has been trying to feed berries to children and chasing women in a Sheffield park.

Residents claim there has been four separate incidents in Parson Cross Park in the last few days in which a man has appeared and given chase to women and their children.

Francesca Allinson told how the man followed her while she was taking her daughter Imogen, aged two, to nursery last Thursday morning.

The 22-year-old, who is also seven months' pregnant, said: "I saw him when we first went in and didn't like the look of him. But I didn't know he was following us until a a friend of mine came up to me and said he had been behind us for a few minutes.

"She said every time we looked back he jumped into the bushes. It was very scary. I'm too scared to go back into the park now."

Another parent, Gemma Louise, told how she and her two children, aged two and four, were also followed by a man at about the same time.

She said she caught him "trying to feed my kids' sweets behind my back" and added: "He just popped out of the bushes near the allotments."

Posting on Facebook, she described him as being "really tall, between 50 and 70-years-old with a shaven head and grey stubble."

He was also wearing a dark grey bomber jacket, padded tracksuit bottoms and dark shoes.

Another concerned mum posted that a man was spotted "stood in bushes eating berries" and asked if her daughter wanted some of them.

A neighbour moved the little girl away and he disappeared. She added that the man had been there for several hours.

Gemma Voyse said a man jumped out at her while she was walking through the park at the weekend.

She said: "A white male in a black hoodie has just jumped out of the bushes at me. I am fine he didn't get me, I ran off."

A number of concerned parents have now taken to Facebook to issue an alert to other residents in the area.

Catering assistant Mandy Waters, aged 47, of Parson Cross, said the incidents have been reported to police but complained about a lack of action.

She said: "It is a tight-nit community and there is a play area on the park used by a lot of children.

"The police just say they can't take action until a crime is committed. Why want until someone is attacked before doing something? We want more patrols."

She added: "He has been hiding in 5ft high long grass and the council should cut this back so he has nowhere to hide."

South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield Council have been contacted for comment and we are awaiting a reply.